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Monday, December 27, 2010


Why do I have to say Hi everytime?

Forget about that.

I have seriously have nothing to say again:(So sad.

Nevermind i'll just post pictures and say someting tomorrow.


I have a little something to say about what happened today.

I went to the school that i'm gonna go next year just now.

Yup its smart.

I went there with my sister and mom to buy my and my sis school things since she's in the same school as I am and she's going to be form four.

Yeah and happy birthday sis!:)

I'm gonna post pictures now so toodles!

by $ang#

Or i'm just talking about myself?

Remember I told you that my cousins came to visit us?Yup i'm gonna tell more about them.

We had really a great time and we didn't feel bored at all.

Well first we watched lord of the rings and we stopped halfway because two of my cousins went to the shoe shop to buy shoes for school next year.

So we decided to stop.

Then when they came back, we went upstairs to my study room(which was newly renovated) and played carrom.

Well we were talking laughing and listening music at the same time.

We really had a good time.

My sis got a new laptop for getting staright As in her pmr exam.

I'm happy because I get to share it with her.:)

Ok,I think that's all for today(if there's nothing in my way)i'll update tomorrow.

And happy birthday to hayley williams!


Sunday, December 26, 2010


I'm so lazy to type now so I'm just posting pictures.:)


Ok that's all.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Ho ho Ho


Well you must be thinking why is all the post questions?

Well its an application for asking questions and I connected to it.But I disconnected so you cannot see questions anymore.

I would like to wish a very merry christmas to all the kind people who is reading this not so awesome blog.

May god bless you:)

I'm going to kuantan tomorrow(I told you before) and we are leaving in the afternoon.

And readers,

Please,please vote for the poll on your right.

I need to know so that I can improve it make it better.

But if you're afraid to vote because i'll get mad or something.Its ok

I won't know it is you so don't worry k?:)

And please
At least comment something on your way out because i'm really so bored after updating this blog.

So there were lot of things that happen today.

But i'll save it for the next post tomorrow k?


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today was not so boring day because I watched lord of the rings.

Yeah,my cousin was addicted to it and now I like it.

But I only saw the first movie so far though.

As usual i'm playing nightclubcity because i'm really 100% addicted to it.

Did I tell you the story on how I got addited to it?

Well after UPSR I had nothing better to do.

In the begining of the year and before upsr we planned to do a lot of things and we can't wait for upsr to be over.

But after upsr ,all beacme boring and I had nothing to do.I was so bored.

Of course after upsr I spent hours on facebook and because I never played games before on facebook,I decided to start palying games.

Before this,my friends were playing that game so that's where I found out about it and ever since that day I have been playing it:)

I'm deciding to put more pictures on this blog because writing only makes it boring right?

Ok.See you tomorrow:)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I just bought a new pencil box:)

Ok yesterday was a not so boring day.Well at least I went out to the mall here in seremban in the night.

I have nothing else to say so i'm gonna post pictures.

by $ang#

Monday, December 20, 2010


I think I should stop using hi in every post should I?

I'm in seremban now and going back to kuantan on christmas.

I'm still sad that holidays are gonna end.:(

But i'm only a little excited(still sad) that i'm gonna step into a whole new journey next year.

Yup! I'm gonna be in form 1 next year.

Well it won't be the same in primary school of course.

But I rather not think of next year now because there's still this year to go.

Still have things to do.

And yeah to all the people who land on this blog follow me k?And suggest to your friends

And all the readers who read this blog answer the daily poll and your welcome to put your comment.;)

And on the right side of this blog there's a list of blogs that I Like and I'm suggesting them to you!=)

Ok.I'm twitting,blogging and facebooking(playing nightclubcity) at the same time.

But everyone can do that of course.

See yah tomorrow!


Sunday, December 19, 2010


I clearly have nothing to say now.For the first time in my life!

Yeah if you ask my friends,they always say i'm very talkative cannot stop talking.:)

I'm discovering new songs right now.Songs that I haven't heard in my life on youtube.

Sometimes I can be a little outdated.

I guess I have really nothing to say.So i'll stop typing and see you tomorrow.


Saturday, December 18, 2010


Holidays are going too fast that i'm not really enjoying it.Well because i'm bored and I practically do the same thing everyday!yup.

I'm halfway ready for school.As y'all know i'm gonna be form one next year.So I got my uniform,shoes and socks already.Know I need is a pencil box(i'm buying a new one since i'm using an old bag).And my school books which my dad will buy.

Enough talking about school.

Its sad coz the only time you can rest is gonna end sooner or later.

School is gonna start(well that's obvious) and as usual exams,homeworks will start pouring in.

Yeah and we will be wondering when's the next holidays are gonna come.

And the worst part in form is you will get tons of projects that makes will make your mind so crazy.haiz

That's what I don't like about school.The stress.

But what I love about it is friends!

I'm really gonna my miss my awesome friends and classmates so much.Most of my friends got other schools than me.

The only thing that i'm scared is will I make new friends?

Well I don't make friends that easily coz i'm shy.So i'm scared i'll be isolated from my former classmates.

Or i'll separate from them?

But I know I can't be with them forever rite?I have to make new friends so I won't be left behind and I'll get know more people and have great fun!

Who knows we might have the common interest?You will never know.

But i'm praying hard i'll stick wth old friends and get new friends at the same time.

And since its going to be a new year i'll have to have some goals and resolution of course.

And i'm gonna make something different.

I won't be saying gtg or bye or have 2 go or will update latter.

I'll just gonna say by me and publish it.

Well from all the blogs I read None of them say things like bye and stuff so I'll follow. =)


Friday, December 17, 2010

This are the awesome cars I took when I went for the KL motorshow.
I really love the cars there.

They are really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually there are some more pictures but they won't let me upload.Haiz.

Yeah as y'all notice my favourite word is haiz:)

Seriously I have nothing to talk about now so GTG!

Sorry for the really short post.Will continue tomorrow.Enjoy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm having flu and sore throat now.Why can't it get even better?That's the reason why i didn't update this blog coz I was to sick to type.

I only had a little time to log on facebook because i'm just so addicted to facebook.One day without facebook its like toture or its gonna be the end of the world.

Most of the people got which school they got letter already.Since there is only 6 followers here,I'm gonna tell you I got smart.But most of them now already.I didn't want to put on facebook because I think there is no need to.

The people who are going to smart are Maisarah,Kelly,Nadia,Enessa,Afiqah,Elissa,Natasha,Hema and few which I dunno.

The sad thing most of my friends got different schools and we will be separated.:(

But we won't be exactly separated because we have technology!

Not many people use twitter but nevermind.

We can meet in tution ,webcam or just hangout during the weekends.Come on this is the modern era.

But I still miss my friends though.I feel sad when I look through old pics which was uploaded on fb.

I'm downloading some songs coz i'm really outdated.And also I'm using youtube!:)

I think that's all for today.Is it long for you?For me its enough and also quite long.



Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm having a flu now.( sneezes) .haiz

Its all because of the mcflurry oreo I ate yesterday and all the coke and cold ice drinks I took.

Anyway the reason why I lgged out yesterday early coz I had to go somewhere and my mom ask me to shut the computer coz it was being used a long time.

It has been a century since I played nightclubcity.I'm playing it now.:)

I already bought my uniform adi.It was kinda of weird coz I haven't worn a pinafore since I was standard 2!Since I was a librian and we have different uniforms.

I just don't like the secondary school's pinafore.

I already opened a twitter account.Follow me k? @sang_gee.

And through opening twitter I found out most of my friends already have twitter,Wow I'm really outdated.

I think that's all fotr today.Isn't it?

Ok gotta go.Bye!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

hi peeps!

I can't update the photos I took in the motor show I was talking about.


Yeah in the morning I was reading a lot of people's blogs.Some of it is just AWESOME!

ok lets change the subject.
oh,sorry i have to go.will update tomorrow.

Ok.I'm sorry I couldn't update my blog coz I was to busy?

Anyway yesterday I uploaded one of my fav songs now coz i had no time and the internet went crazy.haiz

On saturday I went for this motor show in KL and it was so AWESOME!.

yeah i'm that kind of girl who likes cars like sports cars and all the posh cars.later i'll upload the pics on this blog and on fb(c first).

but some of it was not clear because there were too many people there and all the adults were using their professional cameras while I was only using my handphone:(.

anyway gotta go. bye!!!!!!!!!:)


Thursday, December 9, 2010


The reason why didn;t update yesterday coz I was on my way back from kuantan to seremban.

yeah it was sort of the whole day was taken.

in the morning i was really busy and I went out

in the afternoon i was on my way 2 seremban

in the night i wanted 2 update my blog but it was time 2 sleep.haiz

ok.i tink my life is boring so i'm gonna a put a pic.hold on!

ok bye!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sorry I couldn't update yesterday because my internet connection went crazy.

In the afternoon,when I wanted to update my blog,the internet just didn't want to connect.haiz

Sorry for the short post yesterday.It was really shortttttttttt.

Tomorrow i'm gonna go seremban. :)

I have a lot of projects to do during the hols.

But the sad thing is holidays are gonna end sooner or later(well thats obvious right).

There's only two weeks to enjoy this special time and then its school.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I'm looking through my friends photo albums in facebook.yeah i have nothing better to do but some are nice.I'm not stalking

Should I end my post now?I don't think so.

I tried making tumblr but something is wrong with my internet.yes I'm blaming my internet coz my friends can use it.

ok.gotta go.gonna have my lunch now.sorry if this post is short too.



Monday, December 6, 2010

ok.another boring day today.

yesterday I slept @ 11.30 n woke up 2day @ 9.00.

I'm just bored sometimes and this blog is boring too.

But don't worry i'll do my best to make it better.

I am in the middle of doing a timetable of movies and tv programes to watch.

yeah i want to be more organised.

i'm planning 2 make tumblr and twitter 2.

i'll do it asap of coz.
i gotta go now.

i'll update later in the afternoon.i want 2 go n watch tv.


Sunday, December 5, 2010


ok.its been a a week i didn't update my blog.
thats obvious of course.:P

Its a monday and december gonna finish sooner or later.its just I have a lot of projects I wanted to do after upsr but it didn't i'm gonna make it work:)

a lot of people are having blogs now.(i mean a lot).so more blogs 2 read.

I'm in kuantan now and I couldn't update my blog coz when I was in seremban(my hometown)my cousins were there.


they play ps2 the whole its hard for me 2 update my blog.

I missing my friends so much I do not no why.

I'm feeling it now.:(

but thanks to FACEBOOK. we can comunicate.

when in seremban the only thing I was doing was listening to the adult gossips or doing kumon or jus doing nothing.

but now its different coz its sort of quiet but kinda nice coz we need privacy sometimes rite?

i'm gonna read other people's blogs i gotta go.

as usual I have nothing else to write now.

but i'll update my blog everyday if there is nothing in my way.



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I just went to KL today.;)
but if u don't noe kl, u so should consult a doctor.

I watched lord of the rings.I knew nothing about lord of the rings so I kept asking questions.

My cousins are coming tomorrow and my other cousins are coming the next day so I dunno whether I'm gonna update my blog.

My cousins will use the computer for games eventhough they have the ps2(boys u now)

I'M not gonna tell u more coz it was practically boring.I went to midvalley but we came out coz there was no PARKING SPACE!

well of coz it would be full coz it was lunchtime and all the people in kl would go to midvalley coz it is an awesome place.

I at last bought my jigsaw puzzle(thank god).It is only 100 pieces not 1000 but at leat there's something right?

The picture of the jigsaw puzzle is a puppy.

so I gotta go.Eventhough I like to talk a lot but I can't find topics to talk about.

so this blog is only gonna be about my daily life:)

so I shall bid goodbye for 2 days coz

1) the compute r will be used.
2) if I can use the computer also there's no privacy at all.


Monday, November 29, 2010

hello!!!!!no one can hear me so nevermind.

again I have nothing else to talk about.

my cousins are coming tomorrow:).

at last I won't be bored.

Tonight I think I am going for a movie.Rapunzel.

I was waiting to watch this movie as most of my friend said it is yeah.

I'm a big fan of comedies.

I don't like thriller,romance and other types of movie but sometimes I watch inspirational movies like my name is khan.

I also watch movies that are nice like2012.First time I watched the movie I thought "wow nice sound effect and very amazing. Then the second time I watched it I felt sad

but its very hard for me to let out tears.

ok.I'm to lazy to type now.anyway there is thunder and hema is busy smsing gotta go

I'm playing nightclubcity on facebook.I'm officially hooked to that game.

Yeah.because I HAVE NOTHING TO DO!

I have four followers now.:)But its actually three coz I followed my own blog.

Remember I told you I studied form1 maths?yeah i skipped to chapter 6 coz thats where it begins.

I know ur thinking that I'm a nerd now.But I have nothing to do.

Thank god I have the computer and the internet and the tv.

I think I better go now.I'm just crapping coz i promise to update my blog everyday.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

  • I went to a lot of people's blogs and their blogs are either AWESOME!! or they have a lot of followers or Both!
Anyway lets stop talking bout other people blogs.

Life is practically the same.BORING!!!!I thought holidays were going to be fun but I guess I was wrong.

I hope I can go to KL on wednesday.I need to go there!
But of coz its not between life and death.

Kl is like the best place in Malaysia.

I want to go there for so many reasons.Besides all my cousins live in KL.

One of it is to buy a jigsaw puzzle.Not the kiddie's one of course.The 1000 pieces one which I will take time to do it.Which has a scenery and I can frame it up.

The holidays are going so fast that If we don't realize it will be he end of the holidays.

I just don't want to go back to school so early.I mean it will be so boring.I saw sejarah is gonna be boring and maths as easy.(The first topic but I have no idea on the other topics)but my sis says it easy though.

I have to wait for one letter.Which is which school am I going to.I'm just too scared.

KH is gonna be an important subject.I know nothing bout KH except for some of the tools.

ok.I think thats all for today.I'll update tomorrow of coz.bye

By $ANG#
Ok i'm so lazy to post any pictures rite now.

Hols are getting more boring..........

And i have nothing better to do.haizzzzzzz

everyday its the same whole thing again and again.

my daily routine

9.15: wake up,brushteeth n bathe

9.30: have breakfast and read th newspaper

10.00: do my kumon or revision( yeah i'm so bored 2 death that I started 2 read some comics on sejarah)

and after that it becomes unorganized.either I will be watching tv,listening to music or in the internet.

yeah my life is boring.

ok.i'm gonna go now.gonna update tomorrow.i noe dis post is very short but u don't mind rite?bye

By $ang#

Friday, November 26, 2010

artist pictures part2

kevin rudolf

My friend,kat introduced me to him when we were std4?
I like his songs let it rock,welcome to the world and I made it.
I like her songs( or sometimes i get bored with her songs)
3.bad romance
Other songs i didn't like them that much

Of course everyone knows her
Britney Spears!!!!!
Songs I like:
1. break the ice
4.Baby one more time
5. Drive me crazy
and a few more

Not to forget malaysian bands

I like their songs
Through my window,silly lily,prom queen,revolusi,and situasi.

Next is cobra starship

I don't have to tell you who this guy is.HE'S FAMOUS!
I like his songs cry me a river,sexy back and a lots more

Jay sean
a) down
b) tonight
c)do you remember
and some more I guess

The king of pop , a legend
Songs that I like listening to:
bad,black or white,beat it,thriller,bille jean,smooth criminal and a few more.

Eventhough people don't like him but its ok.I just like his song heartless

Kanye west

Tik tok,your love is my drug,take it off,we R ho we R,blah blah blah.
Jamie foxx

I like his song blame it.

Taio cruz

break your heart and dynamite

songs I like are hips don't lie,she wolf,waka waka(this time for africa)

I'm so sleepy rite now so i'll go off now.i'll continue tomorrow coz this ain't end of it.

by $ang#

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ok i don't want to talk about melaka coz it s kinda of lets move on to pictures of artists(i like their songs but it depends sometimes whether I like them a not.)

I like eminem's songs like not afraid and a few more.

I like avril lavigne songs like hot,skater
and some other songs.
Eventhough people say he's gay but i don't really care.I just like his songs For your entertaintment, whataya want from me, time for miracles,fever and If I had you.

I lile timbaland songs like If we ever meet again and The way I are.

I like 30h3 songs like Don't touch me,starstruck and double vision.

Linkin park
I like their song new divide,the catalyst,bleed it out and leave out all the rest.

Songs I like: misery business,careful,the only exception,brick by boring brick,That's what you get

Songs I like: don't phunk with my heart,boom boom pow,don't lie,where's the love,meet me halfway,lets get it started,I gotta a feeling,pump it,imma be

I'll continue this tomorrow as I have a lot gotta go.bye