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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today was not so boring day because I watched lord of the rings.

Yeah,my cousin was addicted to it and now I like it.

But I only saw the first movie so far though.

As usual i'm playing nightclubcity because i'm really 100% addicted to it.

Did I tell you the story on how I got addited to it?

Well after UPSR I had nothing better to do.

In the begining of the year and before upsr we planned to do a lot of things and we can't wait for upsr to be over.

But after upsr ,all beacme boring and I had nothing to do.I was so bored.

Of course after upsr I spent hours on facebook and because I never played games before on facebook,I decided to start palying games.

Before this,my friends were playing that game so that's where I found out about it and ever since that day I have been playing it:)

I'm deciding to put more pictures on this blog because writing only makes it boring right?

Ok.See you tomorrow:)


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