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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today was boring because nothing mush happen.

The only thing that happen was the light in the study room went fuse.

But it was ok.

At least I had some fun talking to my family:)

The most boring part is I had to my maths homework.

I have to do 2 chapters and its so easy!

Makes me want to sleep.zzzzzzzzz

I have nothing to blog again.
c ya!

Today I went up 2 batu caves.

If you dunno where is that just google it

It was really tiring but its ok:)

I'm currently in my hometown now.

Hopefully I can update every single day

If there's nothing gonna stop me.

I have nothing else to tell today.

Well I have no idea why this happens all the time.


Have a great time.


Thursday, January 27, 2011


This again gonna be a short post because I have not much story to telll because most of the school life is fulled with homework.

But at least there is some funny part in that life of course or not I would have had died by now.:)

Yeah they are some funny people in my class and school.

But i'm sort of funny to.(perasan)

Anyway i'm chatting wit my friends on facebook rite now.

I miss them!

Well they're not in the same school as me that's why.

But at least I see them every week in tuition.:)

I think I should go now.


by Sang

Friday, January 21, 2011


Sorry I didn't update my blog for such a long time.

The reason is because I had to lot of homework and busy with tuition.

Yeah but this blog is not for complaining but for having fun!

Ok I have to go now because I still have to finish my history and kh.

I'm sorry I have to go this fast.

But if I can i'll write long after exams(11feb) or during the holidays.

And I need more followers,so if ur kind suggest this to your friends.

And please do comment:)

Friday, January 14, 2011

HI!:) is still the same.

The boring thing is I got lot of homewok.

So boring!Well its kinda of stressing but still.haiz.

And most of the subjects we have to do notes.(except for maths,english and bm)

But still all the subjects will have homework.

And we have to stayback on some days.

I guess that's what a student's life is all about.

anyway i have to go now.bye!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011



Well today's post is gonna be short as I have to do a lot of things.

Well school started already.I'm busy with tuition and I have to practice my guitar like everyday to make sure I can get it right.

Well like they say practice makes perfect.But the my teacher said its ok if u dun practice but i want to.:)

Thank god studies haven't started yet or not i'll be dead by now.

Like other schools they already have homework and my school just finished exams.

But other schools do ot have exams like we have.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Well i can't talk much about today because it was boring and lame and the same ordinary saturday except for the fact I woke up @ 9 and went out somewhere.

I really miss assunta my old school.

I'm really not used to smart yet.

Well my mom said it will take time to adjust.

Well I just hope I make more new friends and get to know all my classmates.

This one is gonna be a very short post and I would like to say sorry about that.


I have to go now.

Hopefully I can update tomorrow.

And i'm telling you guys I won't be online during weekdays but only on weekends.

That means I won't be updating my blog anymore.

So toodles!



Ok today was the same ordinary school day except they had exams.

Of course like me and lot of people I don't like exams because its so stressing.haiz.

Well today we had our diagnostic test for science.

It was amazing(not).

First of all I didn't study.I thought standard 6 was gonna come out because all the other subjects were basically about std 6.

But I was so wrong.

Everything came out about form 1 and I just crapped because I knew nothing.

Well before the exam two girls at the back of me was the only people in the whole entire class which studied.

Well I miss my primary school Assunta so much.


Well because of my friends who were there.

It was so awesome having them around.

No its like I have no one except for one friend.

Anyway igotta go now.gonna watch tv now.bye

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hi my readers!

Ok lets rewind to the first day of school.

First day


Around 7.00 I walked into the school with my sister.(Well she's in the same school with me and she's form four)

Then I saw my friend hema and we went to this tiang where the other seniors were opposite us.

We were kind of lost actually.

Then an announcement came saying all the students are required to go the hall.

So we went there and it was so packed!

Well the whole school were there.

Imagine 1000 over people in a small hall.

Yeah we were lost and crammed to.

Until a prefect came and told us to beratur.

Then after we sang negaraku and stuff we had to sit down.

Then we were crammed again because we were sitting at the back.haiz.

Then after that we had to go outside of the hall and wait outside until they called us back inside.

The boys were having spotcheck for their hair so we had to wait outside.

Then I met some of my old schoolmates at last.we said hi.

Then we went in back to the hall.

I don't quite remember what happen already because its already the third day.

But i'll tell you what I remembered.k?

We were divided into groups.

Well first I was so shy.I just looked down and didn't say hi to anyone except for a girl i knew from tuiton but we didn't continue talking.

Then our seniors who were handling us ask us to get to know them and ask their names.

Then people in the group and me asked each other our names and I got to know their names.

Then we had to name ourselfs with names of fruits.

Let say your name starts with a s you have to find a fruit that starts with a s.:)

Then we had a lot of ceramah.I mean a lot.haiz.

Then on the second day we had ceramahs again.haiz:(

Then after rehat we had explorace.

Well its kinda of like station to station thingy.

But there's no wining or losing.

Its only about if you could do it right or wrong.

If you do it wrong we will get punished.

Well my group got all the punishments except for two.

And the boys were like they wanted punishment more and I was like what the?

Well one of it was they mix flour and glitter together and mix with water and put it on your face.
All the girls were like eww and the boys were like yay!


But I think it was fun apart from the punishments.

OMG.I have to go now.

Talk to you more about it.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sorry if I hadn't updated my blog for such a long time.

But I told you guys when school reopens I won't update my blog that often.

But yesterday I had no time.

Last time I used to update my blog in the afternoon but now I can't because school finishes at 2.40 and my mom comes and pick me up at around 3 something?

By the time I came back is around 3.30.

Then have to go bathe and then lunch at 4.

And then I will sleep because school is really tiring.

So that's the whole long story why I won't update my blog that often.

Well I have to go now.I'm really sorry.

I'll update tomorrow but hopefully in the evening because there's a really long story 2 tell.


By $ang#

Saturday, January 1, 2011

hey peeps!

Now since everyone is talking about the new year and new things maybe I should talk 2 u 2 about new things.

Well I have a new pencil box,a pair of sneakers,new wallet,new uniform,new school,new friends(but also I still have my old friends which i'm gonna keep in touch with),new hopes,new goals and few more new things.
New sneakers.

To my friend kat,is this like yours or different?yeah I got the sneakers already.

I'm gonna make this year a more rocking and amazing year.

And i have to start studying after a long break.haiz.

But we have the face the new adventure ahead of us.

ok.enough of I went to school.


And it was quite boring actually because the pengetua keep talking about how greatful you should be to enter the school and started telling us about the rules.

Yup,then we went into our classes.

I'm in the first class with hema my friend.I didn't know anybody else there except for hema's family friend and a girl i knew from tuition and her frined which I know from facebook.

But our class are not still decide because we have to take this exam to determine which class we are in.That's the sad part because everyone in the school got 5as.

And to get into the first class,i'm really scared.They will be a lot of competition and the stakes are high.

haiz.Why can't they just simply put us in classes like in std 1?no exams.

But our exams is on thursday and friday.

So monday,tuesday,wednesday is orientation and relax days.:)

Hope to make a lot of friends too.Hope no one is snobby or anything else that is bad.

And I don't think i'm gonna update very often as school is starting tomorrow so I would like to say sorry about that.But hopefully i can update my blog very often.

Hope you enjoy my blog!And enjoy reading this.