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Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm really sorry I haven't updated my blog in ages now.

Well,I was pretty busy beacuse of the usual stuff:(




We have the same life aite?

I'm just gonna talk crap coz today was actually nothing.

Well,i didn't go to school.

because of april fool

No ,i'm just kidding.

They were having sport's day raptai the whole day and its no use to go and waste my time there.

So I just stayed at home and finished all my so called wonderful homework.

And of coz TUMBLR!!!!!!

Yeah,just love reblogging <3 And then I ate lunch,practised guitar went for kumon and i'm back here.:)

Anyway i'm supposed to be doing a sort of a project so I gotta find some source from the internet but i'm busy reblogging ang blogging.

I think I should really go right now.

Bye,vaarwel,hindi importanteng bagay,au revoir,beannacht,tchau,la revedere,tata.