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Monday, November 29, 2010

hello!!!!!no one can hear me so nevermind.

again I have nothing else to talk about.

my cousins are coming tomorrow:).

at last I won't be bored.

Tonight I think I am going for a movie.Rapunzel.

I was waiting to watch this movie as most of my friend said it is yeah.

I'm a big fan of comedies.

I don't like thriller,romance and other types of movie but sometimes I watch inspirational movies like my name is khan.

I also watch movies that are nice like2012.First time I watched the movie I thought "wow nice sound effect and very amazing. Then the second time I watched it I felt sad

but its very hard for me to let out tears.

ok.I'm to lazy to type now.anyway there is thunder and hema is busy smsing gotta go

I'm playing nightclubcity on facebook.I'm officially hooked to that game.

Yeah.because I HAVE NOTHING TO DO!

I have four followers now.:)But its actually three coz I followed my own blog.

Remember I told you I studied form1 maths?yeah i skipped to chapter 6 coz thats where it begins.

I know ur thinking that I'm a nerd now.But I have nothing to do.

Thank god I have the computer and the internet and the tv.

I think I better go now.I'm just crapping coz i promise to update my blog everyday.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

  • I went to a lot of people's blogs and their blogs are either AWESOME!! or they have a lot of followers or Both!
Anyway lets stop talking bout other people blogs.

Life is practically the same.BORING!!!!I thought holidays were going to be fun but I guess I was wrong.

I hope I can go to KL on wednesday.I need to go there!
But of coz its not between life and death.

Kl is like the best place in Malaysia.

I want to go there for so many reasons.Besides all my cousins live in KL.

One of it is to buy a jigsaw puzzle.Not the kiddie's one of course.The 1000 pieces one which I will take time to do it.Which has a scenery and I can frame it up.

The holidays are going so fast that If we don't realize it will be he end of the holidays.

I just don't want to go back to school so early.I mean it will be so boring.I saw sejarah is gonna be boring and maths as easy.(The first topic but I have no idea on the other topics)but my sis says it easy though.

I have to wait for one letter.Which is which school am I going to.I'm just too scared.

KH is gonna be an important subject.I know nothing bout KH except for some of the tools.

ok.I think thats all for today.I'll update tomorrow of coz.bye

By $ANG#
Ok i'm so lazy to post any pictures rite now.

Hols are getting more boring..........

And i have nothing better to do.haizzzzzzz

everyday its the same whole thing again and again.

my daily routine

9.15: wake up,brushteeth n bathe

9.30: have breakfast and read th newspaper

10.00: do my kumon or revision( yeah i'm so bored 2 death that I started 2 read some comics on sejarah)

and after that it becomes unorganized.either I will be watching tv,listening to music or in the internet.

yeah my life is boring.

ok.i'm gonna go now.gonna update tomorrow.i noe dis post is very short but u don't mind rite?bye

By $ang#

Friday, November 26, 2010

artist pictures part2

kevin rudolf

My friend,kat introduced me to him when we were std4?
I like his songs let it rock,welcome to the world and I made it.
I like her songs( or sometimes i get bored with her songs)
3.bad romance
Other songs i didn't like them that much

Of course everyone knows her
Britney Spears!!!!!
Songs I like:
1. break the ice
4.Baby one more time
5. Drive me crazy
and a few more

Not to forget malaysian bands

I like their songs
Through my window,silly lily,prom queen,revolusi,and situasi.

Next is cobra starship

I don't have to tell you who this guy is.HE'S FAMOUS!
I like his songs cry me a river,sexy back and a lots more

Jay sean
a) down
b) tonight
c)do you remember
and some more I guess

The king of pop , a legend
Songs that I like listening to:
bad,black or white,beat it,thriller,bille jean,smooth criminal and a few more.

Eventhough people don't like him but its ok.I just like his song heartless

Kanye west

Tik tok,your love is my drug,take it off,we R ho we R,blah blah blah.
Jamie foxx

I like his song blame it.

Taio cruz

break your heart and dynamite

songs I like are hips don't lie,she wolf,waka waka(this time for africa)

I'm so sleepy rite now so i'll go off now.i'll continue tomorrow coz this ain't end of it.

by $ang#

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ok i don't want to talk about melaka coz it s kinda of lets move on to pictures of artists(i like their songs but it depends sometimes whether I like them a not.)

I like eminem's songs like not afraid and a few more.

I like avril lavigne songs like hot,skater
and some other songs.
Eventhough people say he's gay but i don't really care.I just like his songs For your entertaintment, whataya want from me, time for miracles,fever and If I had you.

I lile timbaland songs like If we ever meet again and The way I are.

I like 30h3 songs like Don't touch me,starstruck and double vision.

Linkin park
I like their song new divide,the catalyst,bleed it out and leave out all the rest.

Songs I like: misery business,careful,the only exception,brick by boring brick,That's what you get

Songs I like: don't phunk with my heart,boom boom pow,don't lie,where's the love,meet me halfway,lets get it started,I gotta a feeling,pump it,imma be

I'll continue this tomorrow as I have a lot gotta go.bye


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I tried uploading pictures of bands and singers but it was so hard to put in some of the photos because sometimes its too large and sometimes i can't adjust the i gave up doing that.

so now i'm gonna talk about my trip to melaka. so its gonna be boring....
sorry but i have nothing else to talk about

11 november was a very important day.For some it was fear but for the others it was just a happy and exciting day.

n0w lets skip to after the results and to the melaka trip.

everyone was making noise on the bus.chatting and everyone was so excited.but one of the most funniest thing was one gurl had to go to the toilet desperately until she cried coz she couldn't stand anymore.that time we were middle of nowhere.after 5 minutes,we reached a place where they had toilets and a few stalls.
almost everyone went down to go to the toilet and that took a long time.....
but another funny thing is the door for one of the toilet broke(girls toilet)that someone had to hold when a person goes to the toilet.

Some of the girls and also the tomboys when to the boys toilet coz the girls toilet was full.
but one of the teachers stood by the door so nobody could enter(dis was at the boys toilet).

after that we boarded the bus and headed to melaka.

ok i'm so lazy to type anymore now so i'll continue either tonight or tomorrow.
i'll tell u more coz dis isn't the end.

gotta go.bye....

by $ANG#

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks kat for the idea of putting pictures.I didn't think of it at all.

ok,let me think of picture to put.I have no clue on what pictures to i'll just go to paint.(clicks paint button).

ok its kinda of lame so yeah.

I'm playing nightclubcity on facebook now.i'm hook to the game as i'm feelin bored on facebook.


I love this flavour so much so everytime I go to baskin robbins thats the only flavour I will buy.

I bought this in Melaka when I went for a trip there.

Ok, i'll tell about melaka tomorrow in the next post.

Gotta go.see you tomorrow

by $ang#

Monday, November 22, 2010

No one knows this blog exist because it is not AWESOME?haiz.


last week,i spent my time with my cousins in kuantan.For some of them holidays are boring but it starting 2 get boring now

we went to gambang waterpark,tc,waterfalls,gua charas n etc

gambang was so crowded until u push each other in the glacier river.the first time i went there there was only 5 families!dat day there were like 50 families?i tink.of coz we got sunburn.(i hate it).but at least we had fun.

the next ill see them is on 3rd december.the whole house will not be quiet anymore.boys will be in d room playin ps2 or the computer.(all my boy cousins)n d girls will be either watchin tv or listening to adult conversations.(yeah its kinda of boring).

now the house is kinda of silent.n where i am now is so quiet.ok lets stop talkin bout dat.

i tink dats all for today.i'm afraid i can't keep for tomorrow.

so gotta go bye.

by $ang#

i see other people blogs its so nice n great.but my blog:(.but be patient take ur time.u will learn but i still love their blogs

can someone give me ideas on wat to talk bout?i mean something cool of coz or people will fall asleeep when they read ur blog.anybody?

i'm gonna be thirteen next year and its a new phase of life.I think i will tell dat in another post.

Its the begining of the hols and i'm already getting to be bored.(not exactly).At least I have facebook.I play games or not it will be so boring so I started to play nightclub city.Its actually kind of iokay palying that game.I'm planning to do a lot of stuff (or should I call project) during the hols.But the hols must be spent wisely though.Couple of days ago, my cousins came and we had a lot of fun.I' TELL YOU LATER IN MY NEXT POST GOTTA GO.


Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hi,my name is Sanggeeta.The reason why I created this blog is because my friends have blog and I love reading people's blog and its interesting.But some of them don't update their blog so I started writing a blog.But some of them are really good because they update their blog everyday(Thanks).I am 12 and gonna be form one next year.I love to watch tv and serve the internet(thanks 2 the creator of the internet).i'm 2 lazy 2 post anything rite now so bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!1