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Saturday, January 1, 2011

hey peeps!

Now since everyone is talking about the new year and new things maybe I should talk 2 u 2 about new things.

Well I have a new pencil box,a pair of sneakers,new wallet,new uniform,new school,new friends(but also I still have my old friends which i'm gonna keep in touch with),new hopes,new goals and few more new things.
New sneakers.

To my friend kat,is this like yours or different?yeah I got the sneakers already.

I'm gonna make this year a more rocking and amazing year.

And i have to start studying after a long break.haiz.

But we have the face the new adventure ahead of us.

ok.enough of I went to school.


And it was quite boring actually because the pengetua keep talking about how greatful you should be to enter the school and started telling us about the rules.

Yup,then we went into our classes.

I'm in the first class with hema my friend.I didn't know anybody else there except for hema's family friend and a girl i knew from tuition and her frined which I know from facebook.

But our class are not still decide because we have to take this exam to determine which class we are in.That's the sad part because everyone in the school got 5as.

And to get into the first class,i'm really scared.They will be a lot of competition and the stakes are high.

haiz.Why can't they just simply put us in classes like in std 1?no exams.

But our exams is on thursday and friday.

So monday,tuesday,wednesday is orientation and relax days.:)

Hope to make a lot of friends too.Hope no one is snobby or anything else that is bad.

And I don't think i'm gonna update very often as school is starting tomorrow so I would like to say sorry about that.But hopefully i can update my blog very often.

Hope you enjoy my blog!And enjoy reading this.


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