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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hi my readers!

Ok lets rewind to the first day of school.

First day


Around 7.00 I walked into the school with my sister.(Well she's in the same school with me and she's form four)

Then I saw my friend hema and we went to this tiang where the other seniors were opposite us.

We were kind of lost actually.

Then an announcement came saying all the students are required to go the hall.

So we went there and it was so packed!

Well the whole school were there.

Imagine 1000 over people in a small hall.

Yeah we were lost and crammed to.

Until a prefect came and told us to beratur.

Then after we sang negaraku and stuff we had to sit down.

Then we were crammed again because we were sitting at the back.haiz.

Then after that we had to go outside of the hall and wait outside until they called us back inside.

The boys were having spotcheck for their hair so we had to wait outside.

Then I met some of my old schoolmates at last.we said hi.

Then we went in back to the hall.

I don't quite remember what happen already because its already the third day.

But i'll tell you what I remembered.k?

We were divided into groups.

Well first I was so shy.I just looked down and didn't say hi to anyone except for a girl i knew from tuiton but we didn't continue talking.

Then our seniors who were handling us ask us to get to know them and ask their names.

Then people in the group and me asked each other our names and I got to know their names.

Then we had to name ourselfs with names of fruits.

Let say your name starts with a s you have to find a fruit that starts with a s.:)

Then we had a lot of ceramah.I mean a lot.haiz.

Then on the second day we had ceramahs again.haiz:(

Then after rehat we had explorace.

Well its kinda of like station to station thingy.

But there's no wining or losing.

Its only about if you could do it right or wrong.

If you do it wrong we will get punished.

Well my group got all the punishments except for two.

And the boys were like they wanted punishment more and I was like what the?

Well one of it was they mix flour and glitter together and mix with water and put it on your face.
All the girls were like eww and the boys were like yay!


But I think it was fun apart from the punishments.

OMG.I have to go now.

Talk to you more about it.


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