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Friday, January 7, 2011


Ok today was the same ordinary school day except they had exams.

Of course like me and lot of people I don't like exams because its so stressing.haiz.

Well today we had our diagnostic test for science.

It was amazing(not).

First of all I didn't study.I thought standard 6 was gonna come out because all the other subjects were basically about std 6.

But I was so wrong.

Everything came out about form 1 and I just crapped because I knew nothing.

Well before the exam two girls at the back of me was the only people in the whole entire class which studied.

Well I miss my primary school Assunta so much.


Well because of my friends who were there.

It was so awesome having them around.

No its like I have no one except for one friend.

Anyway igotta go now.gonna watch tv now.bye

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