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Monday, December 20, 2010


I think I should stop using hi in every post should I?

I'm in seremban now and going back to kuantan on christmas.

I'm still sad that holidays are gonna end.:(

But i'm only a little excited(still sad) that i'm gonna step into a whole new journey next year.

Yup! I'm gonna be in form 1 next year.

Well it won't be the same in primary school of course.

But I rather not think of next year now because there's still this year to go.

Still have things to do.

And yeah to all the people who land on this blog follow me k?And suggest to your friends

And all the readers who read this blog answer the daily poll and your welcome to put your comment.;)

And on the right side of this blog there's a list of blogs that I Like and I'm suggesting them to you!=)

Ok.I'm twitting,blogging and facebooking(playing nightclubcity) at the same time.

But everyone can do that of course.

See yah tomorrow!


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