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Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm having a flu now.( sneezes) .haiz

Its all because of the mcflurry oreo I ate yesterday and all the coke and cold ice drinks I took.

Anyway the reason why I lgged out yesterday early coz I had to go somewhere and my mom ask me to shut the computer coz it was being used a long time.

It has been a century since I played nightclubcity.I'm playing it now.:)

I already bought my uniform adi.It was kinda of weird coz I haven't worn a pinafore since I was standard 2!Since I was a librian and we have different uniforms.

I just don't like the secondary school's pinafore.

I already opened a twitter account.Follow me k? @sang_gee.

And through opening twitter I found out most of my friends already have twitter,Wow I'm really outdated.

I think that's all fotr today.Isn't it?

Ok gotta go.Bye!


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