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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I just went to KL today.;)
but if u don't noe kl, u so should consult a doctor.

I watched lord of the rings.I knew nothing about lord of the rings so I kept asking questions.

My cousins are coming tomorrow and my other cousins are coming the next day so I dunno whether I'm gonna update my blog.

My cousins will use the computer for games eventhough they have the ps2(boys u now)

I'M not gonna tell u more coz it was practically boring.I went to midvalley but we came out coz there was no PARKING SPACE!

well of coz it would be full coz it was lunchtime and all the people in kl would go to midvalley coz it is an awesome place.

I at last bought my jigsaw puzzle(thank god).It is only 100 pieces not 1000 but at leat there's something right?

The picture of the jigsaw puzzle is a puppy.

so I gotta go.Eventhough I like to talk a lot but I can't find topics to talk about.

so this blog is only gonna be about my daily life:)

so I shall bid goodbye for 2 days coz

1) the compute r will be used.
2) if I can use the computer also there's no privacy at all.


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