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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Holidays are going too fast that i'm not really enjoying it.Well because i'm bored and I practically do the same thing everyday!yup.

I'm halfway ready for school.As y'all know i'm gonna be form one next year.So I got my uniform,shoes and socks already.Know I need is a pencil box(i'm buying a new one since i'm using an old bag).And my school books which my dad will buy.

Enough talking about school.

Its sad coz the only time you can rest is gonna end sooner or later.

School is gonna start(well that's obvious) and as usual exams,homeworks will start pouring in.

Yeah and we will be wondering when's the next holidays are gonna come.

And the worst part in form is you will get tons of projects that makes will make your mind so crazy.haiz

That's what I don't like about school.The stress.

But what I love about it is friends!

I'm really gonna my miss my awesome friends and classmates so much.Most of my friends got other schools than me.

The only thing that i'm scared is will I make new friends?

Well I don't make friends that easily coz i'm shy.So i'm scared i'll be isolated from my former classmates.

Or i'll separate from them?

But I know I can't be with them forever rite?I have to make new friends so I won't be left behind and I'll get know more people and have great fun!

Who knows we might have the common interest?You will never know.

But i'm praying hard i'll stick wth old friends and get new friends at the same time.

And since its going to be a new year i'll have to have some goals and resolution of course.

And i'm gonna make something different.

I won't be saying gtg or bye or have 2 go or will update latter.

I'll just gonna say by me and publish it.

Well from all the blogs I read None of them say things like bye and stuff so I'll follow. =)


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