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Sunday, December 5, 2010


ok.its been a a week i didn't update my blog.
thats obvious of course.:P

Its a monday and december gonna finish sooner or later.its just I have a lot of projects I wanted to do after upsr but it didn't i'm gonna make it work:)

a lot of people are having blogs now.(i mean a lot).so more blogs 2 read.

I'm in kuantan now and I couldn't update my blog coz when I was in seremban(my hometown)my cousins were there.


they play ps2 the whole its hard for me 2 update my blog.

I missing my friends so much I do not no why.

I'm feeling it now.:(

but thanks to FACEBOOK. we can comunicate.

when in seremban the only thing I was doing was listening to the adult gossips or doing kumon or jus doing nothing.

but now its different coz its sort of quiet but kinda nice coz we need privacy sometimes rite?

i'm gonna read other people's blogs i gotta go.

as usual I have nothing else to write now.

but i'll update my blog everyday if there is nothing in my way.



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