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Monday, December 27, 2010

Or i'm just talking about myself?

Remember I told you that my cousins came to visit us?Yup i'm gonna tell more about them.

We had really a great time and we didn't feel bored at all.

Well first we watched lord of the rings and we stopped halfway because two of my cousins went to the shoe shop to buy shoes for school next year.

So we decided to stop.

Then when they came back, we went upstairs to my study room(which was newly renovated) and played carrom.

Well we were talking laughing and listening music at the same time.

We really had a good time.

My sis got a new laptop for getting staright As in her pmr exam.

I'm happy because I get to share it with her.:)

Ok,I think that's all for today(if there's nothing in my way)i'll update tomorrow.

And happy birthday to hayley williams!


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